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Refreshing green

July! High heat and hot asphalt smell! Consequently, we decide with some friends to escape from the torrid city and start towards a known and dear region, Orăștioara Valley, with her beautiful houses, guesthouses, and Transylvanian hotels.

Not too far from our town, Orăştioara Valley welcomes us with a lot of greenery and a lot of coolness. The fluffy carpet of the wooded mountains on the left of the road that goes up to Sarmizegetusa Regia sends clean air to the places at their feet and gives the impression that it protects the villages and their inhabitants.

Actually, that’s what they do, they are watching the people and the whole valley! Here the winds, the rains, the sun, the snow, the waters do not destroy, they keep the purpose left by God, to help and support life.

As we get closer to Costești, the peace and coolness of the forest are more intense and out of respect for the greatness of nature, we don’t talk either, we just look and enjoy what we are given. The joy is greater when we see simple people, real peasants with scythe or hoe on their backs, people who honor and respect the beautiful and clean places they still populate.

Câteva păreri împărtășite de clienții noștri