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Transalpina Ski Resort

The slopes at Transalpina Ski Resort satisfy winter sports enthusiasts regardless of level, beginner or advanced, delighting their eyes with fairytale views. At the foot of the mountains on which the slopes are, Lake Vidra shines frozen in the sun, adding beauty to the landscape.

Towards the slope you leave the Sarmizegetusa Regia area, by any car to Petroşani. The last 36 km, from Petroșani to the slope, are covered in an hour because the road is full of potholes, but the frozen landscape steals you with every look and makes you forget about the state of the road.

Once there, we go up with the cabin, from an altitude of 1320m to 1850m, to the beginners’ slopes (no. 2 and 3). From here we take the ski lift to the top of the slope no. 2, which has a length of 730m, 40m wide, 16% inclination and easy difficulty level. We stop for a moment to admire the mountains, the valleys and the lake, the view is breathtaking.

We descend the slope no. 2 and immediately go on the no. 1, the longest slope, with 2257m length and 50m wide, 23% inclination and medium difficulty level. Here also appears the vegetation, the trees on the edge of the slope, like guards, protect us from any wind that would like to make its presence felt.

Although there are seven slopes, only the above two are open during the week, while the 3rd one is opened during weekends. It’s accessible with the 350m long ski lift, it’s 30m wide, and has a 18% inclination while the difficulty level is easy.

At the end of the program we return to Cotiso B&B, Transylvania hotels area, with full emotional tanks, it was a great day!

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