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Poiana Omului and the Ponorici Cave

The marvelous view of the village of Târsa is just the beginning of an adventure through Heaven.

We leave the cars at the former school (a deserted building) at the end of the village, where the asphalt ends and we start walking eager for adventure on a country road that enters the forest. We do not deviate from it until Poiana Omului (translated in english „Man’s Glade”), the place where the legend says that Decebal, in order not to become the prisoner of the Romans, he killed himself.

Since ancient times the shepherd’s meeting place, here we find a sheepfold where we stop asking for directions. We are led to climb up the hill to the left of the sheepfold (as if we continued our journey without stopping at it). At the top of the hill, the road splits and you have to take the one on the left, “among the ashes” to quote the shepherd, and then follow the path to the next sheepfold.

On our way we meet a herd of cows carefully guarded by the head of the flock, a strong and proud ox, who has not chase us as long as we have respected his territory and have not touched his harem.

We do not get off the trail for a while, until the road splits and we turn right and get to another sheepfold, godforsaken, where the people of the place were happy to see us. Here we are directed to return to the bifurcation and make the right, descend the mountain (as if we continued on the left road if we had not stopped at the sheepfold).

The white road, full of stones like fist is a challenge that does not last long and takes us, to the right, in a charming glade… we have arrived.

The wild beauty of the place is indescribable, an oasis of tranquility with a few houses in which the people of the place shelter when climbing with the animals to the grazing grounds.

We follow the course of the river near the other end of the clearing, passing on the left side of it and searching curiously the cave. We skip the fence of a garden and find the cave, well-hidden of vegetation, at the base of a steep, close to the riverbed.

We can’t go too deep into the cave because we need speleological equipment, but it merges with the Cioclovina cave, sheltering permanent representatives of the underwater aquatic fauna, trogloxenes.

After we fed our souls with the beauty of the place, we start gladly that the adventure is not over yet, back home, in the Sarmizegetusa area, an important area of the Transylvania hotel complexes.

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